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Friday, May 1, 2009

How to make orgone generators with charged water

The most important thing before you start making these powerful tools is the "Y" factor, which stands for YOU. Please do not attempt to build orgone generators (orgonite) of your intention is not pure, if your heart is not pure. Do not drink alchol, before, during and few days after the making. Do not smoke pot or take any other drugs. If you are sick, angry, sad or in a negative vibration DO NOT attempt to make those! Please, please, please! You will do harm to yourself and the environment!

Assuming your energy is clean, HAVE FUN in making those powerful tools! :-)

What do you need:

-polyester fiber glass resin
-metal shavings
-charged water
-crystals and gemstones
- mold (muffin trays, glasses, paper cups etc)

Fiberglass Resin metal shavings- any metals shavings are good, aluminum, copper, etc (Gemstones are not a must, but I strongly suggest to add rose quartz which has a very strong heart vibration. It will access people’s heart chakra, attuning to energy of unconditional love. In my gifting orgone generators I add: - Rose quartz - Amethyst for opening people’s third eye, which works on a profound spiritual level - Kyanite and/or Peridot as they are healers stones. Kyanite activates all charkas and peridot releases toxins and neutralize toxins on all levels. - Selenite - it keeps the crystals clean in the orgone matrix. - Garnet activates other crystals , clearing negative energies.
For personal orgone creations I go up “above my space” and ask “psychically” what stones a personal orgone generator needs, using dowsing as well. Each individual resonates with specific stones.

Charged water: Many people use charged water for gifting orgone. They are really happy and can actually feel the energy from orgone creations. If the orgone has charged water in it, most of the people will feel the energy. I noticed the towers we gifted few years ago, gave me headaches or nausea. And I don’t think the reason for that the removal of orgone gifts, because when we re-gifted towers again, we went back to the places we gifted previously and I found few of our gifts still there. After we re-gifted the towers with charged water orgone, they stopped giving us headaches or feeling nauseated.

The orgone creations without charged water will probably be neutralized in time because of so much bad energy around. For some reason the water keeps the orgone matrix alive, and that’s not only me saying this, there are many people out there using charged water who are really impressed with its power. Now I got my hands on Zam Zam water (sent by Yasmine) and I made few tests. This charged water is STRONG!!! The strongest charged water I tested until now is Zam-Zam water (which comes from Mekkah) which is stronger then the Cloud buster charged water. This water holds its energy all the time and it cannot be corrupted.

Other ways of charging water: Cloud-buster charged water Place the glass bottle or jar between the Cloudbuster pipes close to the top of the cloudbuster. Note: the distilled water holds the strongest energy. This water will be charged overnight for approximately 8 hours. I noticed it holds the energy for a long time. Orgone generator grid Place the bottle or jar of distilled water in a grid of 4 or more orgone generators ( with charged water). This water needs to be charged for approximately 24 hours and its best used for the next two days. Charging water with your energy (thru your hands) Simply hold the glass in your hands and run energy into the water, praying over it, for few minutes. You need to focus and actually feel the energy going inside the water. The more you practice the powerful your energy will be. The longer you keep charging the more powerful the charge will be. It depends on your experience, intent and focus. It it best used immediatelly in your gifts.

How to make an orgone generator - approximately 5 oz Mix very well, approximately 5 oz of resin with 15 drops of charged water for about 30 seconds. Add between 15-25 drops of hardener and mix again very well for about 30 seconds. Add a little bit of the mix in your mold, then add few metal shavings. Add the crystal, and the gemstones, add more resin mix, more metal shavings, more gemstones, more resin mix. In winter I add more hardener, for example instead of 15 drops of hardener I add 25 drops, while in summer time I add less hardener (15 drops). Muffin tray with two orgone generators and the third one ready to be made Metal shavings and a crystal in the mold Orgone generator Orgone generators gifts: dolphins balls and tower busters While making gifts I am always in a good mood, calm and pray over my gifts to do a good job, to heal people and places where they will end up. As thought is energy, good thoughts and intent will increase the power of your gifts a lot. I personally make my own gifts because I know the intent which goes into my gifts.

This is in response to a woman who asked me where to procure the materials to make orgone generator gifts: “Hi Lilly: Yes, I know about orgone gifting---I've been reading the sites for 5+ years, but I never got involved. I feel the time is right for me to create them for my community and to do some energetic clearances here. I need some guidance on where to procure materials. If you have a link for resources, that would be great. Kyra

"Hi Kyra, I am glad that you decided to start gifting. It will empower you tremendously and you’ll notice energy improvement and harmony. Gifting means basically restoring Nature’s balance. I have posted an article on how to create orgone generators with charged water here:
There are many tutorials on how to make orgone generators gifts on the internet, Ken Adachi has posted few. For Orgone generators you need: -polyester fiber glass resin -metal shavings -charged water -crystals and gemstones - mold (muffin trays, glasses, paper cups etc) Where to gather the materials:
-resin from Home Depot, Loads or any marine store which sells resin for boats
-metal shavings from any metal shop
-crystals and gemstones: there are many online stores who sell crystals;
-charged water: ask people who have Cloudbusters to send you some, another source is buying Zam zam water which is very strong charged water.
-Molds - muffin trays, paper cups - you find them at Wallmart
Check out my powerful gallery of powerful orgone collection.
Have fun making these powerful tools.


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